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- European wire rod buyers require to increase import quotas


It was reported that European wire rod buyers were working on submitting the proposal for review wire import quotas to the European Commission since the available quotas were much lower than actual demand. 

Besides, the European Non-Integrated Wire Rod Processors Association, Eunirpa, indicated the wire rod imports from other countries to Europe reached 2.6 million tons in 2018. However, the European Commission released a limit of only about 1 million tons in July. 

Furthermore, two years ago Eunirpa had been warned that the US import ban did not work for easing supply shortages. As a result, wire rod exported to the US had not been originally turned into the European Union market. 

Eunirpa also stated that they believed that the only correct decision that the European Union could make was to increase the actual quota for every country to the same level as the actual imports in 2018.